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1.Evenness of the Floor
Requirement:Comply with the current National ruction standards.
*Testing method: Randomly measure floors whth a 2m long ruler to see whether one of the leaking cracks exceeds 3mm.
*Trsatment methods:
(1) Achieve evenness with concrete(two weeks in advance);
(2)Mechanically polishing(special floors);
(3) Clearing by knocking(for concrete remnants);
(4) Adding skeletons (suspension for moisture insulation).
Phenomenon:If the evenness is too bad and thus too much flexing goes on,the flooring is easy to suffer leaking cracks and even damage.

2.Dryness of the Floor
Requirement:The house itself should be dry and there should be no possibility of water seeping and rain leaking.and special attention should be paid to the dripping of drinking fountains and the draining of condensate water of air-conditioners.
*Testing method:Use special hygrometers to measure the house to see if the humidiry is no more than 18%.And a simpler method is to measure by touch.
*Treatment methods:
1)Film laying-common treatment;
2)Waterproof treatment-special treament;
3)Suspension-special facilities.

Phenmenon:If the floor are damp or suffering from seeping and leakage,the floors will warp in large areas and the seaming areas between boards and bars will bulge and even break.

3.Site Facilities
Requirement:Intact and complete doors and windows,sealing of the holes for air-conditioning drainpipes,and good draining systems are required.
1)Avoid the soaking and erosion of flooring by rain and moisture;
2)Avoid damage and destruction of flooring by other people which will affect the ornamental effect.
3)Avoid the soaking and erosion of flooring by water brought by pipe xeplosion and leakage at the time of water-testing.

Phenomenon:When the flooring is newsly installed and the glue has not solidified,large amount of walking on it should be avoided,or there might have the possibility of slight cracks and height discrepancies.
Note:The maintenance period of the newly installed flooring ranges from 4 to 6 hours.

4.Arrangement of Working Proceduress
Requirement:Flooring is the last working procedure of the decoration,conducted when the overall decoration has been basically accomplished.
*The last wall painting can be finished later;
*When installing furniture such as electric appliances and curtains,ladders should used and their legs should be put on rubber mats and foams.
1)Avoid polluting the flooring;
2)Avoid damaging the flooring;
3)Benefit the protection of finished products;
4)Avoid cross-construction.

5.Requirement for Special Installation
Special facilities demand treatment with special methods(stated separately).
Example:The flooring installation of sports facilities,conference halls of irregular design,special stages,and computer power distribution roos as well as the application of Waterproof flooring.

6.Click in the long side of the panel and join the short one carefully,using a hammer and a wooden block.

7.Turn around the last panel in the row 180°„with the decor side up and place it next to the existing row(groove side to groove side).
* Make allowance for the distance from the wall at te short edge.Mark the panel and cut it.
* To avoid chipping of the edges,the pattern side must be down when you use an electric jig or circular saw.Otherwise,cut from the panel top side.

8.Use a pullbar to fix the last panel of the row.
* Proceed with the installation from the third row on as shown in the illustration.

9.Begin each new row with a remainder(at least 20cm long)of the foregoing row.
* The transverse joint offset from one to the other row of panels should be at least 40cm.

10.Use a pullbar to carefully fit in the last panel.That's it.

For heating pipes or room dividers:
* At first,cut the panel to the correct length.
* Then place the piece of panel next to its actual postition,use ayardstick to measure the cutousts and mark them.(Figs.11 and 12)
* Cut out the marked points and keep the neccssary distance(12mm)at each side.
* Apply some glue to the piece cut out and closely rejoin it behind the heating pipes(ues a pullbar).


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